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Lauralee Greenlaw

Lauralee Greenlaw

MScPT, Hons BScKin

Lauralee is excited to be returning back to her hometown, and eager to help those in her community to achieve their physical health goals. She completed her undergraduate degree at Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Science Honours with a specialization in Kinesiology in 2017. She then took her studies to Western University where she completed her Master of Physical Therapy in 2019.

Lauralee takes an active approach to physiotherapy, where she provides her patients with education, tools and strategies to facilitate their rehabilitation, whether it’s recovery from an injury or self-management of a condition. Lauralee excels in prescribing exercise-focused interventions tailored to your goals in order to restore mobility and function to keep you moving! Her vision is to empower her clients by providing them with support and guidance to take an active approach to optimizing physical health and wellbeing.

Lauralee is eager to learn and seek new opportunities to continue her education and acquire more clinical skills to help her clients. She has begun her manual therapy training through the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, and is excited to pursue training in acupuncture, dry needling and active release therapy.

When home from university for the holidays and summer months, Lauralee worked out at the Trent University Athletics Center. She always admired the beautiful complex and is very excited to get to work within the facility, which is so tightly connected with the university itself. Lauralee also keeps active by playing volleyball. In the summer months she also enjoys participating in tennis and golf and has challenged many locations around the Peterborough area.

Since entering the profession, Lauralee has appreciated the positive impact physiotherapy can have on quality of life, allowing individuals to continue to do what they love for longer. She is passionate about physiotherapy because she has seen the lasting impact injury can have on those who do not receive appropriate physiotherapy intervention during their recovery. These experiences have provided her with insight into the important role physiotherapy has within health care.


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